Just Biotherapeutics® is an integrated design company focused on technologies that will accelerate development of biotherapeutics, and substantially reduce their manufacturing cost.

Our core strengths are molecular design, process design, drug product design and manufacturing plant design. Innovations in these four areas will deliver synergies to help expand global access to biotherapeutics.

molecular design

Design the best molecule for efficacy and improved manufacturability.

process design

Design the best process for high productivity and control of product quality.

drug product design

Design the best product for robust delivery and positive patient experience.

plant design

Design the best plant for low cost operation and flexibility.

Just is capturing technological innovation through an integrated design framework we’ve named J.Design; composed of a set of dynamic research & development tools for: molecular design –Abacus™; process and product design –JP3®; and manufacturing plant design –J.Pod™. Working with selected partners and collaborators, Just will build and then
apply these R&D tools to create value in a global market.