Associate Scientist, Antibody Discovery and Optimization  | Seattle, WA |

Just-Evotec Biologics is seeking a motivated and creative Associate Scientist who desires a significant opportunity to improve worldwide access to biotherapeutics. We are looking for a member to join a fast-paced, collaborative, and multidisciplinary group to support molecular design and antibody discovery for low-cost biotherapeutic manufacturing. The successful candidate will have experience in more than one of the following disciplines: molecular biology, protein expression, antibody display, protein biochemistry, cell culture, or bioinformatics. Experience with high throughput methodologies, robot utilization, programming, and computational biology is a plus. The ideal candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills and work well independently and in teams. This position may include the opportunity to rotate through different functional areas to gain experience in different techniques and disciplines.

Examples of Potential Responsibilities:

  • Design, assemble, purify and sequence expression vectors for mammalian, yeast, and E. coli produced protein reagents and biotherapeutics
  • Perform prokaryotic or eukaryotic transfection and expression methodologies, monitor progress, refine and optimize processes
  • Utilize high-throughput instrumentation and methods to process panels of antibody candidates
  • Utilize LIMS, bioinformatics, statistical software and computational platforms to register, analyze, and design molecular entities
  • Work with members across functions on technology development to reduce the cost and improve the efficiency, speed, and capacity of molecular design, modeling, and biotherapeutic candidate development


  • BS/MS in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering or related field and 0-3 years experience
  • Experience with G Suite, Microsoft Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) or similar

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Laboratory experience with high-throughput vector assembly methodologies, DNA sequencing (Sanger and Next-gen), and plasmid purification
  • Laboratory experience performing cell-based screening and other bioassays
  • Laboratory experience with mammalian protein expression
  • Laboratory experience with protein library generation and screening
  • Experience programming and using liquid handling robots
  • Excellent experimental design, data documentation, and organization
  • Experience with bioinformatics tools such as DNA and protein sequence analysis
  • Experience with data analysis packages such as R, MATLAB, or python

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