Evotec Accelerates

Access to Biologic Therapeutics

with Initiation of Manufacturing

Facility in Toulouse

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Just – Evotec Biologics is an integrated design company focused on technologies that will accelerate development of biotherapeutics and substantially reduce their manufacturing cost. Our core strengths are molecular design, process and product design and manufacturing plant design.

We believe scientific and technological innovation will catalyze expansion into new cost-sensitive markets, creating new therapeutic approaches with biologics like antibodies. Our initial product focus will leverage Just’s integrated design approach, where our technology can make the greatest impact. 

Working with selected partners and collaborators, Just will deliver lasting value by creating access to important biologics in a global marketplace.

Just. was founded in 2014 by an experienced team spanning the fields of protein, process and manufacturing sciences to help complete a mission that began in the early 1980’s. This mission has been to solve the scientific and technical hurdles blocking access to life changing protein therapeutics. Enormous progress has been made over the last 30 years in biotechnology, with the discovery and development of new and effective protein therapeutics across the spectrum of human disease. The cost of making these complex therapeutics has also decreased substantially, but unfortunately not enough, to make current and future protein therapeutics accessible to a growing global population. Completing the mission will require an intense focus on the development of innovative and integrated technologies; from the design of therapeutic molecules to the design of the plants used for manufacturing them.  This is why Just was founded.

We named the company Just because the word suggests a sense of fairness and equality. A minority of our world is enjoying a literal medical revolution as the understanding of biology enables the discovery and development of life changing therapeutics. At Just, our passion and mission is to help bring this medical revolution to the entire world.

In 2019, Just joined Evotec and now, as a combined organization, “Just – Evotec Biologics” is creating global access through evolutionary technology.