Just – Evotec Biologics is committed to supporting our partners in their efforts to rapidly solve the devastating impact of COVID-19 with our capabilities in optimization, rapid process development and cGMP manufacturing of protein therapeutics and recombinant vaccines.

Our Call to Action:
Jim Thomas, Executive Vice President Global Head Biotherapeutics & President US Operations

We applaud the actions our partners in global health, government, academia, and in the biotechnology industry are taking to end the devastating toll of COVID-19 on lives around the world. At Just – Evotec Biologics, we stand committed to our partners and will respond rapidly with our technology, resources, and expertise when needed. Here is a summary of our capabilities:

 Our technology and resources

Our Seattle-based capabilities include: antibody optimization, cell line development, media optimization for high yield production for both antibodies and protein therapeutics. We can support toxicology fills as well as cGMP manufacturing. Our upstream and downstream process development capabilities are unparalleled and we also provide comprehensive analytical support, and formulation development and optimization. In combination with our preferred vendor we also offer fill/finish oversight.

Our people and experience

We have a deeply experienced biologics development and manufacturing team. We formed in 2014, grew our capabilities fast, and were acquired by Evotec in 2019, thus accelerating our business and mission. During the Ebola crisis, as a nascent company, we supported regulatory agencies, global health, and biotech companies with the response. Over the years, the team has brought a substantial number of molecules to the clinic, and to the market working closely with regulatory authorities. For this global crisis, we can make our industry experts available for consultation.

In drafting this note, I considered the gravity of all that is currently at stake along with the time that is typically required to find a therapeutic and get it into patients. Please know that we are approaching those seeking a solution with the strong desire to help end this pandemic safely and as fast as possible. Our mission is to design and apply innovative technologies to create global access to biotherapeutics. We are ready and capable of joining with you, as one team, in the effort to find and quickly create global access to a life-saving treatment against Covid-19. 

Please let us know how we can help.

For our current partners, Just – Evotec Biologics remains committed to delivering the timelines of your programs. Our scientific teams will remain in close dialogue to provide project-specific information on a real-time basis.

Wishing you the very best in your efforts,

Jim Thomas

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