Victor P. Fung, MBA

Senior Vice President of Biotherapeutics

Victor brings over 30 years of biotechnology industry experience that includes executive level accountability for biopharmaceutical process development, manufacturing and operations.  As Chief Operating Officer at Just, Victor created the systems and operational infrastructure to support Just’s diverse and innovative business of technology partnerships, product development, contract services, and CGMP manufacturing. Previous to Just, Victor was responsible for CMC development of Amgen’s biosimilar portfolio.  He also was Amgen’s global leader for Pilot Plant Operations and Cellular Resources across three locations. He managed diverse scientific disciplines such as cell culture process development, purification process development, analytical sciences, pilot plant operations, cell banking, nucleic acid chemistry, bioassay, biosafety and critical reagents. Victor worked at Genentech Inc., Immunex Corporation and Targeted Genetics and has contributed to the commercialization of biopharmaceuticals such as Activase®, Pulmozyme®, Enbrel® and Vectibix®.

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